Realtime VFX for Metal: Hellsinger

Metal music and hell, two things that go pretty well together in Metal: Hellsinger, the new game by the outsiders that was just revealed on IGN Summer of Gaming. We at #portamediastudio are excited to make hell a lot more scary with eyecatching #visualeffects. Check out the announcement trailer: https://www.ign.com/articles/metal-hellsinger-rhythm-fps-details-trailer More information about the game here


CUTSCENES – Motion Graphics / VFX  Game Developer: Realmforge Studios. Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital. Genre: Simulation, Strategy.  The video is part of “Dungeons: A Game of Winter” cutscenes collection. The production includes also the cutscenes for the sequel “A Game of Bones” and Dungeons 3.  PRODUCTION: Roxana Vasilescu: Motion Graphics. Marcus Braun: Unity VFX.  D3-Unity Screen Animations.