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Realtime VFX, Technical Art, Coding, Pseudo Therapist

Marcus is one of the founding members of and also a realtime vfx artist, devops engineer and software developer. He also sells cotton-candy on the weekend, wants to open a cafe and destroys old houses in his free time.


Realtime VFX, Animation, Art Direction

Roxana, as an aspiring artist and co-founder of from Romania, was convinced that her talents cannot flourish in her home country, so she moved to Germany for wealth and fame.


Realtime VFX, Technical Art, Weird Shader Stuff

Gabriel, also being part of the team since the great founding days, is a full fledged and very expens… erm… experienced vfx artist who works tirelessly (and sometimes also a bit tired) on the studio projects.


Realtime VFX, Technical Art, Coding

Jonathan is a talented vfx artist and all round game developer with an awesomely relaxed personality who almost never gets annoyed no matter how strange tasks can become.


CG, Animation, Art Direction, Realtime VFX

Robert is a very experienced digital artist with a track record in movies and games. No matter what projects you throw at him, there is always an impressive result at the end. It can take a while though, but Rome wasn’t build in a day, either.


Realtime VFX, Technical Art

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