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Quick Tip: IIS connectivity issues after cloning VM from (Azure) backup

Today, I needed to clone an Azure virtual machine configured as Windows IIS Web Server from Backup for a staging environment. That went very well but then i encountered connectivity issues with the HTTP service explicitly: After some digging, I found out that the HTTP service was still listening on the old IP (and localhost). Due to cloning, the real…

Realtime VFX for Metal: Hellsinger

Metal music and hell, two things that go pretty well together in Metal: Hellsinger, the new game by the outsiders that was just revealed on IGN Summer of Gaming. We at #portamediastudio are excited to make hell a lot more scary with eyecatching #visualeffects. Check out the announcement trailer: More information about the game here

Quick Tip: UV Random Flip in Unity3D VFX Graph

In Realtime VFX, randomizing values is usually helping alot to breaking repetetive patterns in textures. You achieve that through setting random values, for example for size, rotation, speed and all kinds of parameters for your effects. One thing i recently stumbled upon in the new Unity3d VFX Graph is randomly flipping UV coordinates on billboards that play a flipbook. I…

Faust Wheel of Fortune

Update: The game is now finished and not accessible anymore. Thanks for your participation and till next time! Up for free tranditional beer brewery accessoires and local bavarian beer? Then visit in the next 7 days. Our fully customizable developed wheel of fortune online game app is running again, this time for faust bier and lechnerwirt. Have fun…

Michels Zoo
Virtual Reality Experience

VR MODUL – MICHELS ZOO Virtual Reality Experience. Developed for HTC Vive. Take the Buggy for a sightseeing tour through the streets of Wetzlar. You will encounter a different kind of inhabitants. Discover this adventure in a new environment.  PRODUCTION: Art & Animation: Gabriel Vasilescu, Roxana Vasilescu; Tech: Marcus Braun.  Client: MH Global GmbH /   MAKING OF 


CUTSCENES – Motion Graphics / VFX  Game Developer: Realmforge Studios. Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital. Genre: Simulation, Strategy.  The video is part of “Dungeons: A Game of Winter” cutscenes collection. The production includes also the cutscenes for the sequel “A Game of Bones” and Dungeons 3.  PRODUCTION: Roxana Vasilescu: Motion Graphics. Marcus Braun: Unity VFX.  D3-Unity Screen Animations.